“Empowering victim survivors of sex trafficking with the opportunity to heal and recapture the most basic of human rights, freedom and hope.”
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Hope, Empowerment, Respect, Opportunity

By June 30, 2008, give a girl a chance for freedom.
Help us raise the $25,000 TCI HERO Challenge.
Every dollar you raise will be doubled!

The TCI HERO Campaign allows caring volunteers like you to be a part of a movement towards hope, empowerment, respect and opportunity for young girls in Cambodia who urgently need our help.  Please help us meet the challenge!

Register Today

To become a TCI HERO Volunteer Fundraiser, you can register online below or by calling (503) 560-6547.  If you are fundraising as part of a church congregation or other group, please include the name of your group.  Your TCI HERO Sponsor Form and all other information will be sent to you via email, and we encourage you to do all of your fundraising online to help us reduce the costs of printing and postage.


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Does your employer provide matching gifts to help worthy non-profit causes?  Please check with your Human Resources Department to find out if your company will match your financial contribution to, or volunteer time for, TCI dollar-for-dollar or more!


* The TCI Volunteer Commitment

I am registering as an individual volunteer fundraiser. As a volunteer fundraiser, I pledge to find at least 3 individuals who will contribute a minimum contribution of $35 per month to help the TCI HERO Challenge by June 30, 2008.
I am registering as part of a volunteer fundraising team of 3 or more. Find at least 10 individuals who will give a minimum contribution of $35 per month to help the TCI HERO Challenge by June 30, 2008.
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