“Empowering victim survivors of sex trafficking with the opportunity to heal and recapture the most basic of human rights, freedom and hope.”
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The Solution

Transitional Home Model

Transitions Cambodia, Inc. establishes small scale transitional centers for victim survivors of sexual trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. These centers have a small staff of four full-time team members and each center can manage 10-15 clients. These centers are set up in apartment-style buildings, with a focus on giving its clients a transitional step in adapting to the complexity of independent adult living. At the same time, clients are counseled on vocational options, provided with quality vocational training, as well as, mentored in adult living skills.

Benefits of a Transitional Home
  • Lower operating cost than institutional aftercare.
  • 10-15 girl/client capacity per center in low cost housing.
  • Staff ratio of 1:4 without increasing cost.
  • Increased focus on individual client needs.
  • Limited security risk.
  • Improved independence in clients.
  • Better social model for adult living.
  • Program time averages one year, with two years of follow up.

A typical center.

Objectives of TCI’s Transitional Home

The two central objectives for TCI are rehabilitation and reintegration. By definition, rehabilitation is the process “to restore or bring to a condition of good health, ability to work, or productive activity.” For our purposes, rehabilitation is the process of providing shelter, medical care, dental care, counseling and therapy, healthy nutrition, fitness, and intellectual activities to assist our clients in recovering from the effects of sexual exploitation and abuse. These aspects are fairly comprehensive and time consuming. The first couple of months with a new client are utilized in providing medical and dental care, as well as, beginning the process of social work and counseling.

In conjunction with rehabilitation, the more intensive facet of TCI’s objectives is the area of reintegration. To reintegrate, by definition, is “to restore to a unified state”. This is a very involved process when talking about victims of sexual trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. This reintegrative process involves restoring our clients to themselves, their family, community, and the broader society. Cultural stigma, self-esteem, and life circumstances can play a serious role in the success or failure of reintegration. We have done extensive work in this area and have developed a program that works.

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